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Myfreecams Biggest Tips MFC's Best free web cam tokens earned

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Biggest tip ever on Myfreecams would have cost the tipper over 35,000 dollars worth MONEY

if he hadn't got them for free, Details and walktrhough guide on How he amassed this amount of Free tokens on MFC Included also Complete list of the biggest tips ever given,
Top 20 highest tips received. including Who tipped them, who received each tip, How many tokens were tipped and the name of the model to receive each tip.

Top 20 highest tips on MyFreeCams or chaturbate

    A new record was set by TeamBob (aka MJxoxo) on April 2012 467,040 tokens.

    One interesting fact to note is that the highest tip in MFC history actually cost the tipper nothing. He later revealed that he gained all of the tokens using his "bring a friend" or BAF li. Every member has a BAF link and can use this same method explained step by step in this easy to read blog.

     "How to get free tokens on MYfreecams"  

    But other girls also got huge tips. So, I decided to do a research to find out who are those luck girls. Surprisingly, I found out that many girls have got huge amounts and quickly I realized that my idea of high tip (around 5,000 – 10,000) is actually a normal tip for many girls. Also a surprise was the anonymous tips with high amount. Mellanny, for example, got 68,000 tokens from an anonymous premium member.

    For those who don't know, depending on how the member buys the tokens, the price may vary from $0.08 to $0.10 per token. However, the girls always get $0.05 per token. Which means that, for example, the 260,000 token tip that Mila got, the member paid around $20,000 or $26,000 (depending on how he paid for it) and she got $13,000. The new biggest tip (467,040) the member paid between $46,704 and $37,363 and it is equal to $23,352 to the model.

    If you are wondering, it is needed to go through a special process to have the account limit lifted to such high amount. Normally, premium accounts have a much smaller limit, like $1,000 or something. You can raise the limit buying more tokens. But to hold over $40,000, you will need MyFreeCams approval and probably buy tokens with a check or a bank transfer.

    Free cams best tips Top 20 My Free cams and chaturbate cam Tips

    free cams Tips  best Cam Girlfree Account Free Cams
    467,040     FREE tokensTeamBob (aka MJxoxo)thor1005MyFreecams
    260,000free cams tokenMilaMilanXXXtinlovesmilaxFree Cams
    250,000myfreecams tokenAANGELEYESABCStrokerMyFreeCams
    262,62    tokensKattie_UnknownNot available
    200,000free cam tokensNikita420
    162,222freecams tokensMissJadeStarclotardMyFreeCams
    160,000tokens freecamsPOSIEPosiesPadawanMyFreeCams
    130,000tokens free camsBlondeFantasy
    110,000tokens cams Kattie_d0nquixoteMyFreeCams
    106,111tokens camshowKellyheartDownhill1106MyFreeCams
    Free MFC
    A_Team (aka MJxoxo)
    Not available
    69,000tokensPOSIEPosiesPadawanMyFree Cams
    68,000Premium tokenMellannyPRIVATEMy FreeCams
    64,747private tokensHappyAleksHappysNeikoMyFreecmas
    60,000tokens big tipKaileah
    My Free Cams
    59,100tokens tpiLadyDelishpower_junkieMyFreeCams
    55,555tokens tipChristineAshAshAddictMyFreeCams
    55,450tokens gaveChristineAshLongriderXXLMyFreeCams
    50,002tokens tippedTJHeartanonymousMy Free Cams

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    MyFreecams Highest MFC Tip list Continued past 

    Top 20 now Has more than 20 Myfreecams Tips. Done to not push "small" tips off the list.MyFreecams Picture Archives of the tip Viewed to verify it happened. Sometimes premium members give big offline tips or neither the tipper, the girls or the Premium members in the Video Chat room take a snapshot of the biggest tip. Except the tips that MilaMilanXXX, RoseTouch, DaniAngel and TJHeart got, All other tips have Screenshot or Video in the archives. 

    All the tips that were previously featured on the top 20 but were pushed out by higher tips and/or also those tips that are higher than 12,345 tokens.


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