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Chaturbate bans top model Chaturbate down again.

Chaturbate bans top webcam model 

Chaturbate recently banned one of it's most popular broadcasters, blazefyre

Her account was banned while performing a public sex cam show with another chaturbate cam model jaidyn and increased downtime as more members join chaturbate

The history of chaturbate top live sex cam site.

Chaturbate if you didn't know, is one of the top live webcam sites on the internet. Recently chaturbate has been expanding at an extreme rate. 

As a result much abuse has taken place. From both webcam models, and cam site members. Chaturbate has recently developed a system of automatic banning which has a list of reasons it can ban for. 

Why can nobody see my chat or view my cam on chaturbate. Was i banned from chaturbate? Reasons you could be banned. 

Here are some of the reasons you could face an automatic ban or suspension from chaturbate

  • A non verified person appears on your live webcam stream
  • You logged in from a seperate ip address from your normal one
  • You logged into multiple member accounts with 1 ip address
  • your profile has links to competing webcam site ie Myfreecams
  • You broadcasted a recorded webcam stream and didnt disclose.

So as you can see their are a number of reasons that you can get banned from chaturbate automatically. 

Chaturbate has  a zero tolerance policy for unauthorized members broadcasting on a stream which accepts tokens. Now one tricky little rule which is catching some cam models off guard is that even though a model may be a verified broadcaster on chaturbate able to receive tokens. It is still possible. And probable that the automatic system will ban you. 

If you host a cam show with them on another verified stream. But without being verified to that particular stream. So for instance as we all saw recently, Even though jaidyn and blazefyre are both top webcam models on chaturbate and both are totally verified. blazefyre still got banned for doing a show with jaidyn because jaidyn was not verified to blazefyre's stream. Due to the overwhelming popularity of this live girl/girl sex show. Twitter erupted with criticism directed at chaturbate for banning such a popular model for seemingly no reason. because of this chaturbate responded quickly unbanning and verifying jaidyn to blazefyres account.  

A short time later another model was seen asking how to make an anonymous ban request against blazefyre. The reason is still unclear. But again blazefyre was banned for a second time. this time she was banned for over 5 hours before the account was restored. The reasoning claimed by chaturbate was that their was a link to myfreecams on the blazefyre blog which is linked on her chaturbate profile. Apparently any account with a profile that links to any site that then links to myfreecams or any other competing adult webcam site or cam to cam site gets banned.

I can't see cams on Chaturbate.

Chaturbate bans are unique and unusual because of the fact that you can still watch webcams and browse the site and see your own profile etc. you can even still join rooms and chat. 

People can't see my chat or cam, but i see theirs

One thing to note about a chaturbate ban or suspension is that other members can NOT see your chat. or any text from you at all. Also you can start your cam broadcasting but other chaturbate members will get a message when trying to view it which says broadcaster has been suspended. or something to this effect.

What to do if your banned from chaturbate. Or can't see cams.

Remain calm. If you know the reason you were banned take steps to rectify the matter ie. remove all links to myfreecams from your blog or remove the blog from your profile. For multiple accounts delete all but one account. Then send a polite email request to chaturbate support requesting the ban be lifted. Then be patient. Remember the automatic chaturbate banning tool bans a lot of members so they have a lot of appeal requests to get to. 

Is chaturbate down?

If you get this error:  "This webpage is not available"  or no page will load then yes chaturbate is down. If you see a message that mentions the words unauthorized or "not authorized" then your IP or ID may be banned from viewing cams or chatting.

Recently i have been getting a lot of search hits on this blog when chaturbate is down. And i have noticed that chaturbate downtime has become more frequent. You may be watching this now because chaturbate is down. Don't worry because it will probably be back up soon. The average downtime chaturbate experiences each tim eis very minimal. Usually being restored within minutes to an hour at most. Why has chaturbate downtime increased so much lately. And why has it increased compared to other ree adult cam sites or porn sites in general. Well because of 2 reasons mainly. 

The staggering growth of chaturbate sometimes puts a load on the servers which it can't handle. Chaturbate has been working to increase the server capacity and bandwidth each day but it is hard to keep up with the overwhelming growth and are forced occasionally to take the servers offline for downtime.

The second reason is because of the many new features that chaturbate is releasing each day. Each time a new feature is released some downtime is needed for it to go live. So there is a good possibility if chaturbate is down. They are adding a new webcam feature right now. Some of the new features released recently. And unique to chaturbate not seen yet on other webcam sites are User created apps. These allow models to control their chat room goal for instance. One user created app automatically silences all members that join but unsilences members that tip. Or another user created chaturbate application sends a message to any user that tips a certain amount with a password to a live cam sex password show. then after a certain amount of members receive passwords it will lock the channel with a password so the live password show can start.

What does all the downtime mean for chaturbate as one of the top 5 webcam sites.

Overall the chaturbate downtime is a good thing. Weather upgrading servers to allow more broadcasters and more live webcam streams. Or adding new user created applications to make this thefastest growing webcam site in the world. Chaturbate downtime means the site is continuing to grow and evolve. And establish its name as one of the top adult webcam sites.

Upcoming blog post: I have received quite a few requests to make a top free webcam site list. So work has already begun on putting together the best "top 5" or "top 10" live adult webcam, cam sex, and free cam to cam sites.

chaturbateIt will contain a complete top cam site list. with a ranking by multiple criteria like "best public sex show", "nicest members", "best top models", "Free cams", "best private shows", "group shows", "couples cams", easiest top cam sites for cam to cam, as well as which girls will watch your cam free. some suggested top live video chat sites are: mfc, flirt4free, chaturbate, streamate, livejasmin, cam4, camfuze, imlive, peekshows,, myfreecams, f4f, shock cams, cam to cam, xhamster live cams, freecamloader cams. These are just some of the large cam site list we are choosing from.

As always don't forget their is a free live sex show streaming at the top of this blog 24 hours a day. This stream is the featured cam on Typically the featured chaturbate cam has a totally free fully interactive live sex show. Where either 1 girl will strip and masturbate on cam either for free or after receiving some tips from members. 

Featured chaturbate live webcam model, or cam couple

In many cases especially on chaturbate the featured cam will have an actual sex show girl/girl, and boy/girl hardcore public fuck shows free.  You will totally see cock inside pussy on chaturbate in public chatrooms. At the time of this blog posting the current featured cam is a fuck machine show, to give you an idea of the free shows you will see.


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