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Friday, September 21, 2012

Earn money and free chaturbate tokens at Chaturbate and MFC earn thousands


Chaturbate and Myfreecams free cams Affiliate Webmaster Free tokens program. Compare vs. the best Free Cams Adult webmaster affiliate programs.

myfreecams chaturbate

Chaturbate, mfc, Flirt4free, myfreecams, livejasmin, streamate, cam4, peekshows, imlive,  camsters, cams.com, Awempire, livebucks, VS video secrets. How to make cash money as a webmaster. Click here to make money as a Model on Free cams sites like MFC myfreecams chaturbte etc keep reading below for how to make money with webcams as an adult webmaster afilliate.

My Free Cams Adult Webmaster Affilliate program site list of all Adult video chat webcam and Private video download Porn tube afilliate programs. 

These adult afilliate sites are large Advertising Websites that provide webmaster affiliate programs for many different adult websites. Each one will usually offer between 10 and 20 different adult websites of all types to advertise for referrals. Each one usually offers some Free cams adult video chat webcam sites. and also some Free private video download archive sites. and some porn tube type hardcore sex video sites
and each one of these large Advertising websites will have a list of promotional tools available for your use
chaturbate free camsChaturbate for instance you can choose to use normal links that you can send out via social media such as facebook, twitter, tumblr, blogger, my space my fuck book, or any of those type of sites. Or you can pick from a list of promotional marketing tools like banners. full page ads, half page ads. embedded live video chat rooms, zipped picture galleries, hosted sex video previews, a variety of iframe apps and the list goes on. My favorite promotional tool howevere. Which is offered by most of the affiliate webmaster sites listed is called the "white label" or "co-brand" site. Which put simply is basically a clone of a Free cams site like livejasmin, streamate, chaturbate, myfreecams, flirt4free etc. You can either use your own domain name. or a subdomain name of a pre cobranded website. I prefer to use my own domain name. For instance I use Chaturbatez because it is very similar to chaturbate.

For example one of my own free cams white label sites Flirt4free in this case can be found here  Flirt4free.myfreecamsloader.com. As you can see its all the same cam girls found on the normal flirt4free site. but with a different skin. my own logo and my own SEO search engine optimization meta data. (note. Not all white-label tools are created equal some of the sites have very simple clean fast tools. others may require additional setup.) Here is the complete list of the larger sites that i have current registered webmaster affiliate accounts with.

The list columns represent the Website name, Small list or example of the best free cams sites ofered in each afilliate program. then If they offer white label or cobrand sites. and a few additional details. for full information on each one click the name of the website.

WebsiteFree Cams White label   some features
Sextracker Moneytree Best highest conversion rateStreamatewhite label 40$ pps or 30% rev share
Adult Webmaster Empire 
"Awempire" 222$ PPS



Friend Finder Networks

MYFreecams is its own program
Webmasters can only get Free tokens 
Myfreecams does not pay cash money
My Cams, cam boys
Home cams
Adult Friend Finder
Peek TV Hot Match
Perfect Match
White label, Co-brand
White label
Cobranded Whitelabel
whitelabel Cobrand
White-label Co-brand
Whitelabel, Cobrand
Cobranded, Hosted
222$ PPS up to 50% rev share
Easy White label tool
500$ PPS model signup 
Super easy white label
Great Free cams
1$ per click or 75 % rev share
private free cams sites
Geo targeted dating sites
Paypal, PAyoneer Directdeposit
Refer Modelsperformers, broadcast Male or FemaleRefer MembersRefer WebmastersWatch the Best Free cams 
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

MyFreeCams Model reviews, information, help resources guide


myfreecams models

Hi Myfreecams .com members and models.

Thank you for checking out my blog on models of the popular myfreecams.com website. I will give you all the latest info on the site including new models that come to the site everyday! I will also review all the top rated models to let you know if they are really as good as the site rates them, I will take into consideration things like if the models are actaully fun to hang out with, or if they are just rude as hell, I am sure if you are reading this then you know what I am talking about so many webcam models are rude. they never talk to yo they just set there and look into that camera and that is it so in this blog I will let you know the ones that are the best for actually talking too and having a conversation with. I will also let you now which ones put one the best shows when you take them private or group, because there are some on the site that really get into there shows and then some that just set there and act like they are having a good time when they are not and trust me you can tell if they are for real or if they are just faking it!! I hope everyone that checks this blog out will find lots of helpful information and Resources. Please if you have something about say, about a

My free cams model that I review you are more then welcome to post about it okay.

Visit My freecams.com for the best adult webcam video chat free live public sex shows. The original "king of cams." Myfreecams.com was around long before any of these new knock off free cam show sites. Such as Chaturbate, Streamate, Livejasmin, flirt4free, mfc, f4f, camsters, cams.com, imlive, peekshows. Myfreecams models tend to be the hottest hornest nastiest, most generous  and by far nicest Adult webcam Live sex girls that you will find in the adult entertainment. Or live porn cam industry. 
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chaturbate Live cams watch free at Chaturbate.com


Chaturbate is being called "the best damn porn site period!" by webcam critics everywhere. 

See how The new Free chaturbate breaks all the rules and molds when it comes to video chat sites. From their no email address required motto, to their don't give a fuck anything goes live public shows for FREE. Chaturbate is certainly making a statement. For those of you stll looking for myfreecams tokens. you may visit myfreecams directly for those.



Chaturbate free Tokens or Make money and Premium Chaturbate accounts Free

Chaturbate and My Free cams.com are free?? Well it is.. Completely.. All you have to do is register. And it's is super easy!!  So do it now! Go register at MyFreeCams Here! Complete all the info. It takes like 2 seconds.
Chaturbate is waiting.. Have you registered?? Did you check out the site?? No?? Come on man go Join Myfreecams FREE Now you’re on your way to getting free tokens at Chaturbate !!If you’re done registering then register at Myfreecams. Or go to Chaturbate a site like myfreecams with similiar tokens and free token programms .  Then there is livejasmin, which is superior quality, and better girls, better shows, click here, however the shows are not always free cams on livejasmin.

Chaturbate recently has came into play as one of the best free cams sites there is some say even better then myfreecams mfc, flirt4free and the rest. If you want more information on chaturbate there is a blog post i created called my free cams vs chaturbate

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