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Chaturbate started to explode onto the scene 1 year ago. It is the 1 site that does rival Myfreecams in fact some people are calling chaturbate the Best There is an average of 700-1000 models online, and an estimated 100,000 visitors.  guests can view any room. however models have a butto…

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Chaturbate The NEW MyfreecamsChaturbate Is a Very newFree cams site. Similar to Myfreecams (The Current most popular adult webcam Site.) But why are people calling Chaturbate the "New Myfreecams." Well as most of you probably know Myfreecams basically revolutionized the entire Adult webcam video chat industry, and divided webcam sites as we know them into 2 Era's Pre MFC, and post MFC. But recently all that has changed when Chaturbate exploded onto the scene out of nowhere. To understand fully.  Let's start at the beginning for those of you that don't remember how the old adult webcam sites used to be. But first take a look at this google trends screencap. Which clearly shows the explosion of growth from Chaturbate. If you want to skip straight to why Chaturbate is the new MFC skip the next paragraph. If you don't give a fuck and just want the free hardcore public cam shows just go straight to Chaturbate It is COMPLETELY FREE to register a regular user accoun…

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